Hungarian Civil Legion of Honour, 2020

The Hungarian Civil Legion of Honour, 2020

The Ars Humanica Hungarica Circle, an organization sensitive of the changes of Hungarian society, the founders and members of which are committed to the best human values -scientists,clerics,artists and their promoters- met for the ninth time on 9th February 2020 in the Budapest Fészek Arts Club to express their appreciation to the two award-winners and to hand over to them from a moral point of view the most valuable awards of Hungarian civic society.

Two hundred intellectuals from Budapest participated in this event which followed a time-hallowed procedure: in his opening speech Csaba Kuthi, the founder of the Hungarian Civil Legion of Honour briefly summed up the programme. He also mentioned the discrepancy with an event which took place on the previous day, the so-called „March of Honour”(a kind of „everyday” honour frightfully reminiscent of Mihail Romm’s 1965 film “Everyday Fascism”)- it was the exact opposite of today’s Holiday Honour.

This was followed by an evaluation of this day by the poet Zoltán Sumonyi. This day was selected ten years ago on account of the birthday of Lajos Batthyány, the first independent Prime Minister of Hungary (1848) whose life – considering its decisive dates- closely agrees with the life of Árpád Göncz, the first independently elected President of Hungary.

One of the awards (a red velvet Diploma, a bronze medal and an enamel badge) was given to the Stadium 28 Circle of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for its achievement evaluated by the sociologist György Csepeli in the weekly Élet és irodalom:”The founder of the Hungarian Association of Sciences created it as the strongest instrument to expand the intelligence of the nation. The Stadium 28 Circle following the intention of the founder, stands for the development of the nation’s intelligence to the highest degree possible, for that is the cardinal cause from which nationhood, patriotism, the communal spirit, civic virtue and national glory all arise. The Hungarian Civil Legion of Honour is deservedly give to those, who together with us present, trust that there will be Another Hungary, different from the previous one, a Hungary that still can be.”

In her reply Julia Kardos, leader of the Circle, thanking for the award, said the following:”in present-day Europe the meaning and significance of basic,triple slogan of the French revolution,: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity is becoming ever more important. All of which we have increasingly less in our country, but it is especially the strength of fraternity that has diminished”.

The second award was given to Zsolt Orosvári of Sárbogárd, a businessman and philanthropist, who with steady and selfless organizing work managed to acquire 400 camp-beds for those hospitals where many fathers and mothers worried about the health of their children had to squat or sit on the floor at night. Apart from this he managed to get air-coolers for the children wards suffocating with heat in summertime.

In his laudation Gyula Kincses, president of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, said:”one of the tasks of doctors, of the health service is the expansion of the “healing space” through that what civic courage, the courage and activity of private citizens represents, this being an important factor in the immune system of society, very much to be valued.”

Zsolt Orosvári in his reply mentioned his health and financial circumstances worsening since his activities, stressing that “a society which is unable care for the children, the aged and the sick, is sentenced to destruction”.

Following this a disciple of Ildikó Iván, singer of the Hungarian State Opera, Annamária Dálnoki performed, accompanied by Gabriella Gyökér of the Academy of Music, an aria from Gounod’s Romeo and Julia and another aria from Donizetti’s Don Pasquale.

After the theatrical programme the participants partook of an agape, a ‘sacral offering’ of bread and wine.